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Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH

The first Neschen laminator K600 was presented at Photokina in 1974. We are continuing this success story now.
Neschen laminators are back and better than ever before: Designed by Neschen, produced in Europe with additional benefits for our customers worldwide. The Neschen ColdLam 1650, HotLam 1650 TH, HotLam 1650 DoubleH, EcoLam 1650 and our newest PhotoLam 650, are our five all-rounders for every application. Not just built for our customers, but with our customers. During the design phase we intensely coordinated the design together with our customers worldwide. Our aim was to build a machine which is practical to use in their everydaywork. The designers attached much importance to having maintenance and repair executed by the customers themselves.
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH
  • Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH


Informação Técnica

Neschen Hotlam 1650 TH

max. 1650 mm working width
wide range of material and high flexibility
maximum speed of 12 m/min for increased production capacity
electrical nip adjustment of 40 mm for precise operation
heated top roller (160°C) for superb lamination performance
variable roller technology for better processing of soft substrates
the combination shaft (bottom), for roll-to-roll operation
flip up infeed table to facilitate easy setup
pull-out trough for easy feeding of single prints up to 10 m
additional control panel at the rear of the machine
auto grip- and swing out supply shafts for user friendly material feeding
roll to roll built in
outboard brakes for a better control of material unwind
robust model range

foot switch for hands free operation
self-checking safety eyes for increased operator safety
removable finger guard ledge
CE certified
Data Sheet - Neschen HotLam 1650 TH
User Instructions - HotLam & ColdLam
Flyer - HotLam & ColdLam

6037411 HotLam 1650 TH 1650 mm working width
6040877 Core Adapter 76 mm > 150 mm (set of 2 pcs.)

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